JHENNY EVANS Photography

Memories are just a snap away

JHENNY MORALES EVANS a multi-talented and multi-lingual entrepreneur started clicking the shutter more than a decade ago and leisurely focused on capturing scenic landscapes.What started as a hobby quickly turned into a rewarding profession.With a keen eye for many moods of style her photos graced the editorials pages of several print and online publications in the US, Canada & Zimbabwe.Her work has taken her from the runways of Hollywood, San Francisco , Arizona , New York to photo shoots in the wilderness of Africa where she conducted an Interactive Photography Workshop working under the US Embassy.
She made her mark as one of the most successful Photographers in Southern California and was awarded by the Filipino American Press Club of California 2016 Media Awards. The US Embassy of Zimbabwe also recognized  her participation in Zimbabwe successful 2016 Fashion Entrepreneurship Program. which she considered as one of the milestone of her career as a Photographer. She believes in continuous learning through experience and interaction with people everywhere she goes.